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About me / 關於我

Hi, I am Chi, Cheng. The web page is about my portfolio. I am committed to the development of field in industrial design and I have worked in listed companies over ten years. 

I have completed hundreds of design projects and accumulate a lot of experiences in product design. I specialize in plastic molde injection applications and metal working modeling. Focus on consumer electronics product development and design.

I hope to contact more industries and different fields of product design in the future.If you have any needs in industrial design, please feel free to contact me.

你好,我是鄭琦。 該網頁是關於我的設計作品集;我致力於工業設計領域的發展,目前在上市公司工作十餘年,完成了數百個設計項目,積累了豐富的產品設計經驗。



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